Argument with a Protestant


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diogr49: my life is chaotic right now, when it settles down, i will volunteer for some regular duty

diogr49: this suddenly reminds me of the early sixties when I would tune into WOR Jean Sheppard, and then that midnight to six am talk show

diogr49: who was that guy who interviewed people about flying saucers

diogr49: hello poker spell

SpellSix: Art Bell

diogr49: Rambling with Gamblin i think

SpellSix: I like rock songs with theological overtones

diogr49: just stop and think, the Gospels mention a hymn at the last (mystical) supper, IF we knew the melody and lyrics, then EVERY denomination would sing it

diogr49: seriously

SpellSix: twas one of the psalms dio obviously

SpellSix: I got one coming up ..lots of theological overtones

diogr49: that, Suzanne, by Leonard Cohen, I changed one verse in the 1960s to make it less heretical

diogr49: instead of “almost human” I would sing “all so human”

diogr49: and i made it ‘all so’ rather than ‘also’

diogr49: did anyone ever hear about what happened to 3 yr old Shannon, who choked on popcorn… prayers were requested, I posted the request to 1000 people in my network, and 3 asked about baby shannon

diogr49: remember the 10 lepers who were healed, and one returned….

diogr49: or some such thing

diogr49: the words of the prophet written on the subway walls and tenement halls

diogr49: an old old Russian Orthodox priest once said to me “never make a promise you cannot keep”

PokerMike: That would be virtually all promises.

PokerMike: I may die in the next minute.

diogr49: yet we ask promises of people, e.g. marriage ceremony

diogr49: but it is, til death

xpistos2: but we don’t know we can keep anything. we have to look to God.

diogr49: can you promise me you will never make a promise?

PokerMike: I remember going to see Tull in concert…front row seats…couldn’t hear for 3 days.

diogr49: kind of like Bertrand Russels paradox, If God is omnipresent, God is in the heart of satan, but if satan has God in his heart, he cant be ALL bad; yet if God is NOT in satan’s heart, then God is not omnipresent

xpistos2: the Marriage vow is in a sacrament and requires grace to keep

xpistos2: Satan is not all bad

xpistos2: Satan has a created nature

diogr49: but, Russels paradox boils down to the weakness of axiomatic and linguistic predcation demonstrated by Kurt Godel and Wittgenstein

xpistos2: but satan’s will is corrupt

diogr49: which in turn kind of substantiates the underlying truth in the tower of Babel account

xpistos2: nothing God has made is totally depraved in its essense

diogr49: not that there were many languages, but rather, in the sense of Heisenberg’s uncertaintity, that there is forever a veil before our mind’s eye

diogr49: yes, satan is industrious and persistent, and those are virtues

PokerMike: I like that, using a principle of quantum theory as an anaology for the mystery of God.

diogr49: there was a cartoon years ago, “Earthworm Jim”… in one episode, he meets his evil twin, who says “whatever you hate I love” so, Earthworm Jim says “I like to win, so you must like to lose” and then defeats the evil twin

xpistos2: the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God

diogr49: or, that potent line in Milton’s Paradise Lost, when satan, the brightest angel, cast out from heaven, exclaims “Evil, be thou my good!”

PokerMike: He must have been quite out of breath after this performance.

xpistos2: How could one so brilliant succumb to such bathos?

diogr49: but, that in turn hangs upon Plato’s Euthyphro connundrom, “is the sacred holy simply by fiat (as Islam would claim), or is the good inherently good, and hence Gods nature is to approve of the good, but not proclaim it by fiat

diogr49: which is supported by Genesis “and God saw that it was good, very good

xpistos2: God is the SOURCE of any and all good

diogr49: whereas, in the Qur’an, it was written “do ye not know that Allah can abrogate any command, and replace it with one that is better”

xpistos2: the sine qua non

diogr49: so, the Islamic notion is that IF God were self limiting, then God would be less than omnipotent

xpistos2: The Quran’s god is changeable isn’t he?

diogr49: yet the old testament says “I have sworn and shall not repent

SpellSix: God also “repents” in the old testament

xpistos2: humanely phrased

diogr49: yes, in Quran Allah is unpredictable, which is part of Allah’s power, and not even the Prophet Mohammad is assured of paradise, which is mentioned in hadith

diogr49: yes, God repented of making Saul king

xpistos2: humanly phrased

diogr49: even thou God “gave Saul a new heart”

diogr49: interesting stuff

diogr49: rather mind-blowing, when one snorts enough of it

diogr49: but then Aquinas in the Summa cautions “do not blow thy nose violently or it will draw blood”

SpellSix: most can’t deal with a capricious god

diogr49: an argument of oikonomoia in favor of akrivia (exactness)

diogr49: the Greeks always speak of what is demanded by exactness, but what is tolerated through economy

xpistos2: who wants to deal with a capricious god when God is NOT capricious

SpellSix: the oikomene in the west always want “akrivia” ………..they can’t have it …kills them .

diogr49: spell knows where I am coming from, and where I have been (I suspect)

xpistos2: God is NOT capricious

SpellSix: Perhaps Hagel was right

xpistos2: Hegel even

diogr49: Hegel, George Wilhem Fredreich,…. I wrote my thesis on Hegel in 1970, and it is on line

diogr49: The History of Philosophy and the Philosophy of History was what I called it

SpellSix: not that I believe anything a German says lol

xpistos2: One philosopher after another

xpistos2: I never went beyond Plato

gettin chai: Hi Mike and all. Just got in from work

diogr49: the reading of many books is a weariness to the flesh

SpellSix: beware the man of one book

diogr49: Bertrand Russell was the one, I think, who said that all philosophy is a footnote to Plato

xpistos2: read Plato’s dialogues (not all) at 14; that was enough

xpistos2: I thought that was Wittgenstein?

gettin chai: nice and quiet, tks Mike. I love my job

xpistos2: Russell’s why I am not a christian didn’t seem all that clever

diogr49: The Laws was Plato’s final dialogue, in old age, and interestingly, there, he suggests that same sex love be criminalized, yet in earlier dialogues Plato seems playfully tolerant of it

xpistos2: ah, the old man got it finally!

diogr49: the set of all sets that do not contain themselves, is it a member of itself or not

gettin chai: I have Russell’s book and I think his arguments are pretty weak

PokerMike: Who is this, Spell?

SpellSix: nietzche’s meritocracy just another form of the philosopher king

SpellSix: who is this ?

diogr49: and yet, Russel’s History of Philosophy is delightfully readible,

SpellSix: your playing the music

SpellSix: I would say Rush lol

diogr49: and it seemed to me that Marcus Aurelius was the closest actual monarch ever to a philosopher king

PokerMike: You got it, lol.

diogr49: Marcus Aurelius was student of Epictetus, and in both authors, there is only a one sentence mention of Christianity

SpellSix: Most Christians confuse Aurelius with Christianity ..Christianity is so synthesized with stocism

diogr49: which says “oh, and… by the way, do not go about with a sour face like those Christians”

diogr49: good point spell

PokerMike: Marcus Aurelius was good in that movie, “Gladiator”.

diogr49: i didnt see Gladiator

SpellSix: I tire easily of stoic christians

diogr49: i do see some movies from netflix

PokerMike: Stoic Christians would make good Texas Hold’em players.

diogr49: The Third Miracle is a great Catholic film

SpellSix: lol

xpistos2: Do you have an opinion of FREDERICK C. COPLESTON, S.J

PokerMike: I opine that he was/is a Jesuit.

PokerMike: 2

diogr49: i will google on frederick copleston

PokerMike: No sound.

PokerMike: Anyone else have sound?

xpistos2: he wrote a history of Philosophy

Visionof Heaven: 2

PokerMike: I’m reading The Cambridge History of Renaissance Philosophy, which Spell was kind enough to bequeath to me.

Visionof Heaven: 1

annibute: can you hear it?

PokerMike: 1

diogr49: here is a link to the Copleston Russel debate

annibute: trust me

annibute: mike..this is the tune i told you about

diogr49: i am listening, with the headphones rather far back from my ears

xpistos2: XP wonders this or silence, silence or this?

PokerMike: I saved that link, will read it later.

diogr49: yes, i just posted that link,… looks interesting, thanks for mentioning Copleston

SpellSix: dio .when are you gonna schedule a lecture for us ?

diogr49: I read with some interest that Russell admitted to feeling intimited by young Wittgenstein in arguments

Califman831: don’t mention berkley please anni, have you heard what they are doing there

annibute: nope…just a piece…califman

Califman831: they are holding a homosexual rosary, with gay mysteries

annibute: in Boston?

annibute: no way

SpellSix: whats a “gay” mystery ? lol ..I think I can figure it out lol

xpistos2: Califman, where? Not in the Newman Center! ?

Califman831: in berkeley

Califman831: that david and jonathan were gay lovers

xpistos2: not Holy Spirit / Newman Hall parish?

PokerMike: Yes, what is a “gay” mystery?

Califman831: and a couple of others

Califman831: they did do it at a neman center

Califman831: its on

SpellSix: David would have their throats cut for those remarks lol

xpistos2: with the paulist priests’ awareness?

Califman831: i’ll get the link and u can read it

SpellSix: He would send Joab to do it lol

diogr49: delegating is an important skill

PokerMike: No, the 5 others named “Texas” in the room.

diogr49: remember, the greatest danger is pride, and like glaucoma and hypertension, one is not aware of the symptoms

Califman831: The September 13 web bulletin of Berkeley’s Newman Hall – Holy Spirit Parish announces: “Praying the Rosary in solidarity with LGBT Catholics. Join us Sept. 17, 7:30-9:00 p.m. in the lounge as we explore the Relational Mysteries:

Texas_RN: My BP is 127/73; pulse 71; respirations 16; temperature 97.7; no pain; SaO2 is 100% on Room Air

tcdoves: finer than a frogs hair quartersawed spell

diogr49: ye who have ears, let them hear

Texas_RN: ye who have money, let them pay bills

PokerMike: Oxygen saturation at 100 percent on room air, lol. You’re funny, Tex.

diogr49: a word to the wise, fitly spoken, is like apples of gold in fittings of silver

Texas_RN: Well Spell asked how I was doing, and I am used to providing data

PokerMike: I wish I had an apple of gold, at today’s global gold prices.

Texas_RN: xpistos is here; watch out he is a conservative Catholic and doesn’t want liberals to join in on reindeer games

Texas_RN: well who is the god of Northwest Airline tickets

Texas_RN: Little red riding hood is a cross dresser

xpistos2: so was J. Edgar

PokerMike: Another theological song…the “big bad wolf” is Satan, the adversary….little Red Riding Hood is Eve…the three pigs are the magi….oh, that’s another thing altogether. Something like that.

Texas_RN: Catfish is here running on diesel power generator

Texas_RN: Catfish built a swimming pool for nothing, nature has given all of Manila a swimming pool

catfishjim2000: texas we have our main power back now

Texas_RN: Good, so when I get there, I want everything right in place

catfishjim2000: texas over 300 people has be kill

PokerMike: Hello sammi.

Texas_RN: I don’t think they were killed, but I do say they are deceased

catfishjim2000: could be more l dont kown

PokerMike: Sammi…you need an age in your profile, please.

catfishjim2000: were we live it was not as bad

annibute: i’m glad…i thought of you when i saw it james

diogr49: karime is making requests in PM

PokerMike: karime_3 was bounced from the room by PokerMike. If you want to learn more about the rules for this room, read the room rules on the groups page or contact the owner: SpellSix

catfishjim2000: we had high winds a lot off rain

Texas_RN: KARIME: my name is alex that is mt two sisters. they are twins. their name is blessing and blessed. we are from liberia but now in ghana on the refugee camp with our parenst. but they are very old and poor. SO WE ARE SEEKING FOR SUPPORT.

diogr49: i saw the profile

Califman831: he has been before

Califman831: he has been in before

PokerMike: The least they could do would be to change the location…Ghana or Liberia is pretty indicitave of a solicitation.

diogr49: i have to be worth my salt

Texas_RN: If he needs support, he should buy a jock strap with cup.

diogr49: our word salary comes from the Latin word for salt, which was once used like money

Califman831: or sell that computer he is using

Texas_RN: And when you put salt on a salad it was celery

Texas_RN: Just kidding

diogr49: ironically celery is very high in sodium, but I dont think the word celery is related to salary

diogr49: the Amish consider celery a festive dish

Texas_RN: me neither, i was just playing with words.

xpistos2: There is a refugee camp in Ghana for Liberian refugees of the civil war; but that war is over

PokerMike: Celery is about the only vegetable that I dislike, at least raw.

Texas_RN: I like my celery with peanut butter

xpistos2: Can we assume that these folks are imposters?

catfishjim2000: celery give me wind

Texas_RN: celery is the only food that yields negative calories

Califman831: yes with peanut butter

Texas_RN: It takes more calories to eat it than it has

diogr49: In Caesars account of the Gallic (French) wars, he mentions that he was presented with asparagas with a cream sauce (hollindaise) which he found barbaric, since Greeks and Romans felt milk was only for children

xpistos2: oh how the Italians have fallen

diogr49: one cannot sustain the body’s need for water by eating ice, because it will burn too many calories to melt it

diogr49: yet penguins can get their water from snow… and seagulls can drink seawater and excrete the extra salt

Texas_RN: so when we eat salt, we probably are eating seagull excrement

diogr49: skin is reckoned the largest organ of the body, and blood is classified as a tissue

diogr49: strange thoughts

Texas_RN: If you didn’t pick or clean your nose, your nose would seal shut in 3 1/4 months

diogr49: what do you find in a clean nose? FINGERPRINTS

Texas_RN: just kidding; i made that up

diogr49: you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you cant pick your friends’ nose

diogr49: unless they are VERY close friends

annibute: texas…you kill me….lmao

Texas_RN: I would pick barbara streisands nose for money

rob420: why do you guys belive in god

rob420: you know its all bullshit unless your like over 50 it gives you something to blieve in

annibute: you sure you wouldn’t get an aide to do it and take the dough?

PokerMike: Do you want the teleological argument, or the cosmological?

diogr49: shouldn’t your first question, logically be, DO you guys believe in God

rob420: there is no god

diogr49: and shouldn’t you first define what is ment by the term “God” and by the term “believe”

rob420: if not i wouldnt be burning swastikas into my body and killing

rob420: zig heil

rob420: lifes a bitch

rob420: most people on paltalk are to weak

diogr49: lifes a bitch, because if it were a whore, it would be easy

diogr49: i just learned that bit of wisdom from my 14 yr old granddaughter

Alert: rob420 reddotted by: PokerMike

patriciamichelle0820: how are you able to talk red dotted

diogr49: silence is golden, but sometimes, gold is red in color

diogr49: a woman stand up comedienne in the 1970s, made a joke about her own promiscuity, and ended it with “rollin rollin rollin, keep them doggies rollin rawhide”

diogr49: it was rather amusing at the time, but, you had to be there

diogr49: you are angry because someone stole a chicken

xpistos2: catfish, if they take your hen give them your rooster too

diogr49: the chickens always come home to roost

diogr49: i once saw a rooster walking down the road with a capone

PokerMike: Stanley Kubrick, while he was living, would have done well to visit this room during late night, for movie ideas.

Texas_RN: Chicken of the sea? He was too chicken to steal your rooster

diogr49: once dead, he would have found logging in difficult

catfishjim2000: its only 2.24pm l think l have a glass off wine

diogr49: the oldest known school song is in Latin, from the 12th century I think, Gaudeamus Igitur

diogr49: one can find renditions of it in youtube

PokerMike: My teacher used to call me an “Igit”…I wonder if it’s related.

diogr49: Isang bason tubig nga

Texas_RN: I didn’t know youtube existed in the 12th century

diogr49: there are a number of things you do not realize

Texas_RN: I realize that

diogr49: Pascal said, “the heart has reasons of which Reason knows nothing”

diogr49: I always get Sinclair Lewis and Upton Sinclair confused, but that novel “The Jungle” was ultimately the inspiration of the Pure Food and Drug act

diogr49: and both Sinclairs met one summer in a commune experiment

Texas_RN: Yes, sinclair lewis invented the gas station

diogr49: Sinclair Lewis was the first American to win a Nobel prize in literature

Texas_RN: I am hoping I win the Nobel Prize in Nursing.

diogr49: I think every acceptance speech of every winner is available online…. I read Hemingway’s and Faulkner’s


annibute: i’d vote for you…

Texas_RN: Did Hemmingway write his speech?


diogr49: correction Faulkner



PokerMike: I love Hemingway. Always wanted a stady/library done in a classic Hemingway motif, replete with lion rug.

diogr49: One of Hemingway’s four sons, after the suicide, said “Hemingway would have made a great old man, if only he could have figured out HOW to be an old man”

PokerMike: Sure, as long as the vases the flowers are in are painted like a zebra.

diogr49: the plane crash in Africa caused permanent damage, including impotence, which was hard (no pun intended) for a macho personality like Hemingway to take

annibute: and maybe a bear skin rug

SpellSix: I”m going to bed folks …god bless you all ..take care

Texas_RN: there wasn’t viagra back then, only vinegar

diogr49: in the autobiographical “Moveable Feast” about life in Paris, Heminway recounts a long talk with F. Scott Fitzgerald about potency

PokerMike: Moveable Feast refers to those feast days in the Catholic calendar which aren’t set to specific days.

Texas_RN: Hemingway wished to erect a manly discussion about potency

diogr49: F. Scott Fitzgerald had such a problem with drinking and party-going that he did a major rewrite of sections of “The Great Gatsby” while it was in the print-shop galley stage, when the only corrections should be punctuation, and minor spelling

Texas_RN: In his first show since admitting affairs, David Letterman tells his wife he’s sorry.

diogr49: Fitzgerald died thinking himself a failure… and his novels did not gain great attention until 10 years after his death

annibute: i saw that live

annibute: he turned very red faced

annibute: it was difficult

annibute: but i admire him for doing it

PokerMike: Yeah, think how his *wife must feel.

annibute: he explained that the affairs were not with current staffers

diogr49: Someone once asked me to define fidelity, and I explained there are three kinds “Jimmy Carter fidelity”, “Bill Clinton fidelity” and “Mic Jagger fidelity”

annibute: and that it happened long ago

diogr49: it was meant as a joke

PokerMike: I’m the type that, if my wife did that to me, I’d walk through the door without even a glance back.

annibute: agree mike…

diogr49: I have told her that many times, Mike

diogr49: j/k

PokerMike: hehe

annibute: letterman’s indiscretions happened before he was married

annibute: he only married recently

diogr49: I cant pass up a straight line like that, now can I?

catfishjim2000: if my wife ever did l get all our kids and go back too the uk

PokerMike: Nope, I’d have jumped on it too.

diogr49: Cheers

PokerMike: Are you actively looking for a job, diogr, are are you enjoying retirement?

Texas_RN: Queen Elizabeth II has expressed some sympathy for traditionalist Anglicans, and discomfort over liberal trends in the Church of England, according to a report in the Sunday Telegraph. The queen’s concerns could be a contributing factor in the warm greeting that she is expected to give Pope Benedict XVI when he visits Great Britain next year.

diogr49: I am actively seeking gainful employment

Texas_RN: I am gainfully employed actively

PokerMike: I hope you find somethying soon that’s acceptable.

diogr49: I had a job for 3 years with a man from Paris, but, he ran out of money, and went back to Paris, he almost made it, but for the recession, and a few times when he zigged when he should have zagged

diogr49: we have enough set aside for a year or more,

diogr49: and it is nyc

diogr49: and i dont need much, and i have a lot to offer,

diogr49: so i am something of a bargain

diogr49: time will tell

Texas_RN: Cardinal George Pell of Melbourne, Australia, defended belief in a Creator God in a lecture for the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. Responding to the argument of atheist Christopher Hitchens, the cardinal invoked scientists such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkings in arguing that the ordered design of the universe points toward something more than “blind chance.”

diogr49: I chanced to speak ill of Hitchens today, at the office of that Church of St. Paul, near Columbus Circle

alopez7: lord mold me this world revolves only you can delete the sin nature

PokerMike: I have a business idea. I want to design a hotel which resembles a ziggurat and sell it to the President of Iraq. Think he’d go for it?

diogr49: i took some photos with my new (and first) Blackberry

alopez7: is it true the catholic church apolagized to the beatles

Texas_RN: John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter notes that Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson of Ghana has emerged as a major figure in the African Synod, and suggests that he might be the leading African candidate for the papacy. Coincidentally, Cardinal Turkson was quoted the same day as saying that the next Pontiff could be African.

PokerMike: To The Beatles?

alopez7: yes

PokerMike: No clue.

diogr49: speaking of the class of insects, beetles, one biologist commented that God must have been especially fond of them, since there are more varieties of beetles in the world than any other species

alopez7: i heard the catholic church apologized to a satanic group called the beatles

alopez7: john lenon said he would outlast jesus

annibute: love this tune!

Texas_RN: I am not fond of coleopteras

diogr49: one is urged to love one’s enemies

alopez7: yes love your enemies

alopez7: but he was satanic

diogr49: Lincoln said “If I make my enemy my friend, then have I not destroyed my enemy?”

alopez7: true

alopez7: but it does not say to have fellowship with them

PokerMike: Odd as it may sound, the American burying beetle, which cleans up roadkill and other offal by burying it and laying it’s eggs, is in danger of extinction.

diogr49: Derrida, the father of postmodernism, said “Forgiveness, if it ever occurs at all, occurs in the face of the unforgiveable (e.g. Hiroshima)

alopez7: the bible says have no fellowship with unbelievers

diogr49: a former Archbishop of Canterberry wrote a book on forgiveness and prefaced it with Derrida’s quote

alopez7: why does the catholic church listen to secular music

diogr49: why was the first miracle and the marriage of cana, were folks were drinking a little too much

diogr49: think about it

alopez7: jesus said if any man loves the world and the things of the world the love of the father is not in him

PokerMike: Music soothes the savage beast.

diogr49: to be in the world, but not of it

Texas_RN: Outlining his priorities as US ambassador to the Holy See, Dr. Miguel Díaz has told Vatican Radio he will emphasize five areas: rejecting religion as a form of violence, combating terrorism, preventing the spread of the HIV virus from mother to child, combating human trafficking, and promoting interracial, interreligious, and intercultural conversation.

diogr49: to remain unspotted from the world, and yet be the salt of the earth

diogr49: good point mike

alopez7: jesus said if any man loves the world and the things of the world the love of the father is not in him

alopez7: if you love the music of the world then the love of the father is not in you

catfishjim2000: l hate bills

diogr49: a saint can see saintliness in even the worst of sinners, but a sinner sees sinfulness in even the holiest of saints

Texas_RN: Queen Elizabeth II has expressed some sympathy for traditionalist Anglicans, and discomfort over liberal trends in the Church of England

diogr49: you dont hate bills, you hate paying them

diogr49: when they just lie in your draw, you are rather indifferent

alopez7: because jesus said he that loves the world or the things of the world the love of the fahther is not in him

PokerMike: Some Beatles for you, alopez.

Texas_RN: The biggest bill I hate is clinton

alopez7: if you love the music of the world the love of the father is not in you

diogr49: all of our righteousness is as a filthy rag

alopez7: the beatles were a satanic group

alopez7: john lenon was a practicing satanists

catfishjim2000: there came from liverpool

Texas_RN: beatle bailey was a cartoon funny

Texas_RN: beatle juice was a wierd movie

diogr49: the term for natives of liverpool is liverpudlians

diogr49: a bit of trivia

alopez7: deception always looks good but error is error no matter how you put it

alopez7: catholics need to be born of the spirit

alopez7: some are

alopez7: most aren’t

Califman831: thats because its going to be roomier than the cars obama will try to push on us

Texas_RN: all protestants need to stop inventing false religions and promoting them

diogr49: the vedas say, “the truth is one, but the paths to it are many” and “Nostra Aetatis” hints that there may be salvific truth in non-Christian scriptures

diogr49: but then, that is Vatican II

alopez7: i don’t promote another religion i promote jesus and him crucified

diogr49: encyclical, that was the word I could not think of

alopez7: for the bible says i preach no other gospel but christ and him crucified

Texas_RN: Vatican II appeals to hippies

alopez7: not the doctrine of mary

diogr49: words are cheap, Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote about “Cheap Grace”, which is grace without discipleship

alopez7: the gospel is a revelation of jesus christ not mary

PokerMike: alopez is feisty tonight.

alopez7: jesus said beware when all men speak well of you for so they did to the false prophets

Texas_RN: the gospel is a revelation of Jesus Christ and not protestanism

alopez7: beware when men speak well of you

Texas_RN: false prophets are protestants

Califman831: who’s admining can i kick the pendejo? Makes me sick to see a nick with a latino name turn against the holy mother of God

alopez7: for so they did to the false prophets

diogr49: II Peter said “Paul has said some things which are difficult to understand and those who lack a proper foundation in education twist and distort them to their own destructions as they also twist and distort many other Biblical passages”

diogr49: check it out sometime

Texas_RN: alopez has never heard of Peter, Paul and Mary

alopez7: jesus said who is my mother or brother but he who does the will of my father who is in heaven

Texas_RN: Then Jesus told John, there is your mother

catfishjim2000: l was admin all day on monday untill l went too bed

diogr49: Jesus said “you are my friends IF you do as I say”

diogr49: sounds like a touch of works there to me

diogr49: not simply the lipservice of salvation by faith alone

Califman831: and mother behold your son, but i guess lopez has not gotten to that page yet

alopez7: and they told jesus your mother and your brothers are standing outside jesus said who are my mother and brothers he turned to his disciples and said these are my mother and brothers for he who does the will of the father is my mother or brother

diogr49: personally, i come here to relax with some folks who are closer to my own age group

Texas_RN: And Mary did the Will of His Father, so Mary is my Mother

Califman831: and all shall call you blessed, except for heretical protestants

diogr49: You were created with freewill to choose what you believe, and you were told that “by what measure ye measure out unto others so shall it be measured out unto you” which is why Shakespeare called one play “Measure for Measure”

catfishjim2000: opps l just the baby off the room

diogr49: and Paul warned not to engage in “vain disputation”

diogr49: but, it seems to me rather “vain disputation” to come into a Catholic room and argue points that you know Catholics will disagree with

alopez7: every time jesus talked with mary his mother he always referred to her as woman

Texas_RN: And Mary did the Will of Jesus’ Father, so Mary is my Mother

alopez7: isn’t that strnage

Texas_RN: Yes, and isn’t that strange that woman was the word for EVE

alopez7: that not once did jesus call her his mother, he said woman

Califman831: you have every conversation jesus had with mary growing up in some secret hidden gospel

diogr49: and yet, it is made very clear that no human persuades anyone, but the Father draws people, since faith is a gift, given by God, for mysterious reasons that we cannot understand

alopez7: read the gospels jesus called her woman

Califman831: did he disobey the commandment that says thou shall honor thy father and mother

alopez7: the only time he mentioned her as mother is to john

alopez7: he said woman

Texas_RN: Yes, and Adam called Eve woman. So Jesus being the Second Adam referred to a Second Eve, Mary

alopez7: i agree

alopez7: she is the second eve

diogr49: so, alopez, you must be very weak in your faith and belief, to feel this desparate need to come here and solicit our agreement

alopez7: jesus was the second adam

alopez7: praise God

alopez7: without jesus we would still be in sin

Texas_RN: Yes, so Jesus called his Mom by a title WOMAN

catfishjim2000: back door

alopez7: praise jesus for his power to deliver from bondage

alopez7: i praise the lamb

diogr49: since if you were strong in your own beliefs, and believed that God desires that all men be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth, then you would immerse yourself in prayer, and find a peace which passes all understanding, rather than come and waste your time in vain disputations

Califman831: yes praise god by joining his one and only church brother, its time for you to renounce the heretic martin lucifer

Texas_RN: And that wasn’t disrespectful, because Jesus honored His parents per the 10 Commandments. Jesus knew no sin.

alopez7: worthy is the lamb that was slain to recieve honor

alopez7: Jesus called her woman

diogr49: perhaps if you availed yourself of fellowship with others who share your views you might be strengthened in your convictions

Texas_RN: So the title WOMAN had special meaning that you are not able to understand spiritually

alopez7: read the scripture

catfishjim2000: sebli_ab you need a age in your porfile

alopez7: and give me one place were jesus called her his mother

Texas_RN: I read the Scriptures. Jesus was not disrespectful, but honoring

alopez7: you can’t find it

alopez7: i respect her

Califman831: and if am not mistake john was one of the gospels martin luther wanted to rip out of the bible

alopez7: she is blessed

catfishjim2000: its my fire wall its tell me mike

alopez7: she said all generations shall call me blessed

alopez7: she didn’t say all generations will pray to me

Texas_RN: Elizabeth said Mary was the Mother of Elizabeth’s LORD

alopez7: she said i praise God my saviour

Texas_RN: Read LUKE

Texas_RN: God is her savior

alopez7: she was in need of a saviour just like us

alopez7: she was humble mary

Texas_RN: Humbler than you

alopez7: God chose her but we should not pray to her

Texas_RN: Humbler than the humblest protestant

alopez7: only God deserves worship


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